Check out this clip of some of the bird live you can see with us as we explore our private wetlands. 


What Makes our SWAMP TOUR Different

Our Distinguishing Features


  • Our traditional  Swamp Tour/ charters is 2-3 hours long with "custom tour times "

  • Each   charter/tour gets 3,000 acres to explore by them self, We are the only tour company that can offer that will never see another boat around a  "real" private tour.

  • All our captains are real locals, the accent  wont lie. We don't just hire anyone to drive our boats or give our tours. 

  • We can hand feed our animals like alligators "legally"!... getting them up close to the boat if the weather and conditions permit, (you can't do that in a national park like some companies or in any other parish in Louisiana other than ours)  !!!

  • a real {New Orleans Swamp Tour} not just a boat ride. All we do is Swamp Tours, hunt, fish !...and be coonasses 

  • We give half a day 4-6 hour or hole day (6-8 hour) charters

  • Our boats make no noise, so we don't disturb the locals or the animals 

  • We showcase our beautiful fishing village life that was  the "Seafood Capitol of the WORLD" back in the 1980's 

  • We have "real"  small 2-4 and 6 passenger boats

  • We  don't need gimmicks like "you can hold a baby alligator" to gain our  guest or feed wild pigs that should be eradicated instead of feed  because pigs damage the landscape/animal life, .

  • We don't have baby alligators kept captive there entire life in an ice chest on board that's just not  right. We do not exploit the animals or the landscape to gain guest we make love to them 

  • We don't use corny terms like " let the good times role" one down here really says that

That's enough , not telling any more secrets.loose lips sink ships

New Orleans Best Swamp Tour