The Best in New Orleans Swamp Tours ,and most unique exclusi

our "Swamp Tours" are all private...

our "Swamp Tours" are all private...

our "Swamp Tours" are all private...

The best "New Orleans Swamp Tour " were our guides have one of the most intimate relationship with an apex predator.

  We have custom swamp tour times to fit our guest 

Transportation can be provided


    All Private Tours/Swamp Tours

 2-3  hour

Traditional Swamp Tour

$30.00-$185.00 per person

(Meals  optional with ) 


5-6 hour tour or activity

$215.00-$10,000.00  per person 

(meals can be provided)

6-8  hour tour or activity (meals  provided)

$500.00-$10000.00 per person 

all tours and activities 2 person minimum or 1 person has to pay for half the next ticket,and different pricing for fishing  and hunting

Our Prices are determined by the logistics of the Private Charter or Private Swamp Tour 

Pick 2 meals to experience  before or after swamp tours (optional 5-6 hour outdoor activity), Complimentary with 6-8 hour outdoor adventure)  

        fresh seafood

         Options For Meals change with the seasons 

Boiled shrimp, 3 lbs per person

BBQ Shrimp 3 lbs per person

Boiled crabs, 5 lbs per person

Boiled crawfish 4 lbs per person

Fried Fish poboy with french fries

Fried Shrimp with fries or PoBoy

Fried alligator poboy or with fries

Alligator sauce peca

Alligator Etufae

Shrimp Stew 

Baked Fish breaded or pan fried

raw oysters (seasonal)

oyster poboy or fried oyster with fries 

RedBeans n rice  (every,  Mondays)

(all guest must notify us about allergies to food before experiencing our cuisine )

"our food is to die for but yall aint dying on our watch"  


OutDoor Adventures

our "Swamp Tours" are all private...

our "Swamp Tours" are all private...

Our New Orleans Swamp Tour are very interactive. So for even the little ones they are the most entertaining, not just a guide pointing out things as you pass, they might actually get dirty on one of New Orleans best Swamp tours.

  • for pricing and activities please contact us for access to our private page . The activities we can do are endless !!!

  • alligator hunting , trophy alligator 
  • White Tail Deer hunting , trophy white tail , free range and high fence
  • Wild  Pig Hunting
  • wild boar hunting
  • dove hunting
  • anything that can be hunted in Louisiana
  • also fishing and all kinds of package deals 
  •  we do not like to share to many pictures of our guest that hunt/ participate in activities  because it is all private, most DO NOT wish not to revel there identity , but on request we can send pictures of the deer , pig , and duck that is on the hit list . AS well as video of any activity that can be done with us. 

Sceanery Leasing

our "Swamp Tours" are all private...

Sceanery Leasing

The only NEW ORLEANS SWAMP TOUR that can bring you on your own piece of property, on your own boat. Some companies can take you on your own boat but not on your own piece of property, none can do both and our boats are customized just for traveling in this type of terrain ...not a fishing boat just to take people on rides. and none have nothing on our tour guides that do this for a living.


Scenery leasing

We  have private property (over 40,000 acres ) ranging all over Louisiana, perfect for making  movies, taking pictures, and holding corporate gatherings some places can hold 50- 70, 60-300 people at one time for a gathering /party  (catering can be included) as well as boats of all kinds

please contact us  for more information

Check out this great video

New Orleans Best Swamp Tours

this is the soundtrack you can only get with our company in our terrain because our boats don't make any noise 

Check Out Our sunset Tour

swamp tour/frogging trip(catching bull frogs) with us

Check out this great video, u want to talk about fun only the locals only get to experience,catching bull frogs "by hand" in the heart of the swamp night!